Captain’s Log Mid Winter July 2020

Well Good Day all With COVID-19 and LOCKDOWN putting all CHARTER FISHING on hold since MARCH to date, its sometimes good to look back at what’s  been achieved by HOOKED ON AFRICA FISHING CHARTERS with a track record in excess of 30 years. We have ENTERTAINED Kings, Queens, Princes, Foreign Travellers’, Corporate Clients, Fishing [...]

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April 2020 Captian’s Log

Well Good Day All From DAY 5 of the 21 day LOCKDOWN As you can imagine everything I forecast in my MARCH UPDATE has gone into LOCKDOWN , just as those WORLD CLASS TUNA had arrived. With 30 INTERNATIONAL CHARTERS cancelled or postponed and many more LOCAL and CORPORATE also postponed I’m not sure [...]

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March 2020 Captain’s Log

Well GOOD DAY ALL WITH JANUARY and FEBRUARY behind us and very little to report on since my last update, it’s safe to say those WORLD CLASS TUNA are not far away. With the misty mornings and birdlife on the 200m contour as well as BAIT BALLS, it’s only a matter of time before [...]

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The Captain’s Log October 2019

Well good Day ALL HAVING just landed our FIRST YELLOWFIN TUNA of the 2nd part of this season (26th September 120 pounder)  can confirm it is NOW - TUNA TIME! In addition we are still the HOLDERS of the TUNA Triple Challenge trophy something we have held since 2013 along with an award for [...]

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The September 2019 Captain’s Log

Well Good Day All! With SPRING about to SPRONG and the first reports of TUNA from our TUNA LONG LINE counterparts including good signs of YELLOWFIN TUNA further south, it’s time to start to think of getting those bookings in sooner rather than later. Having just come out of our WINTER months and having [...]

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The Captain’s Log 2019 Winter Edition

Well Good day All With WINTER upon us and a line up of COLD FRONTS typical of this time of year, i think it’s safe to say THE END IS NEAR for the first part of our 2019 TUNA SEASON. We may still get a little FLURRY of LONGFIN but water temperatures and the [...]

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The Captain’s Log – May 2018 – Large Fish

Well Good Day All From Screaming Reels to High Fives, we have probably had one of the most PHENOMINAL RUNS of BIG TUNA I have seen in 30 years of operation! I said it at the beginning of APRIL, if you wanted to break or make the 100 club now was the time, but [...]

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The Captains Log – April 2019 – Large Tuna

Good Day All Well if there was ever a TIME you wanted to join the 100 KG CLUB on one of our TUNA / DEEP SEA / OFFSHORE fishing charters it's NOW! From our very own CATCH RETURNS and PHOTO'S, I can honestly say its YELLOWFIN TUNA TIME! so for those of you wanting a WORLD CLASS [...]

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The March 2019 Captain’s Log – Tuna Time

Good Day All If there was ever a time to book a DEEP SEA FISHING / OFFSHORE TUNA FISHING trip its NOW! From all the reports and our very own catch returns there are YELLOWFIN from CAPE ST FRANCIS to west of HOUT BAY, so for those of you wanting to test your skill or [...]

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February 2019 Captains Log

Well GOOD DAY ALL With February upon us and the DUST of THE SILLY SEASON now settled, we’re in that INTRIM period of the CALM, before the TUNA STORM. That STORM is already showing signs of what’s to come but should be in FULL SWING by MID MARCH. We currently catching both LONGFIN and [...]

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