February 2019 Captains Log

Well GOOD DAY ALL With February upon us and the DUST of THE SILLY SEASON now settled, we’re in that INTRIM period of the CALM, before the TUNA STORM. That STORM is already showing signs of what’s to come but should be in FULL SWING by MID MARCH. We currently catching both LONGFIN and [...]

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The January 2019 Captain’s Log

Well good day. COMPLIMENTS of the season to you ALL. With the silly season behind us and  2019 upon us, perhaps it’s time to reflect on what HOOKED ON AFRICA FISHING CHARTERS ACHIEVED during 2018. Winners of the TUNA CHASE, Biggest YELLOWFIN so far out of HOUT BAY at 102 kgs and 2nd biggest LONGFIN [...]

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The December 2018 Captain’s Log

Well Good DAY ALL With DECEMBER upon us and FISH A-PLENTY, A FULL order book currently and JANUARY looking even better, I thought it time to update all of you on what’s been happening and what to expect. On the OFFSHORE SIDE it’s been a TUNA FEST with LONGFIN, YELLOWFIN and even the odd [...]

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The November 2018 Captain’s Log

GOOD DAY ALL Well the end of SEPTEMBER proved to be a LONGFIN FEAST, nice big fish all 20 to 30kgs then early OCTOBER produced some world class YELLOWFIN TUNA biggest from us 102 kgs however since then it’s been very erratic and very slow. The main reason being the UNFAVOURABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS being [...]

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August 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

GOOD DAY ALL With JUNE and JULY behind us and the longest NIGHT/SHORTEST day gone, we look forward to SPRING and of course TUNA TIME We’ve had a good run of  INSHORE GAME FISHING CHARTERS with plenty of YELLOWTAIL, KATONKAL and SLENDER TUNA BUT ALAS the SNOEK still haven’t arrived YET? This is set [...]

June 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Well with winter upon us our, deep sea fishing is restricted to inshore game fishing for yellowtail / snoek / katonkal and possibly slender tuna. Currently there are plenty of Yellowtail around from Cape Point to Robben island and in-between even up to the 200m contour line. There are also plenty of Snoek up [...]

May 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Good day All So with winter fast approaching and all the tell-tale signs out there, winter birds, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Big Eye and Orca Whales, as well as the decline in the water temperature I think it’s safe to say we have until early/mid-June to enjoy the scraps of this the first part of [...]

April 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Well Good Day ALL After very mixed fortunes over the last 3 months with Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin and Dorado, we now set our sights on what hopefully turns into a frenetic April and May with Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna and Yellowtail and hopefully, winter Snoek in June, July, August and September. We've had a [...]

February Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters Cape Town

Well, good day all! January’s come, February’s gone and March/ April and May are ahead of us, traditionally these 3 months are PRIME TUNA TIME. If the reports are correct, very good tuna are on the bank off Namibia and good catches of big Longfin Tuna 300 nm North of here. We’ve been getting [...]

January 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Good day all! I said in my last update it was going to get hectic and hectic it’s been, with hooked on africa fishing charters being busier than the rest of the pack, testament to our years of success in whatever we do. It’s also been a testing/ juggling act trying to accommodate the weather [...]

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