We catch 4 types of Tuna:

  • SKIPJACK – Smallish Tuna Species
  • LONGFIN – Can weigh from 7 to 30kgs
  • YELLOWFIN – Weighs from 15 to 100kgs+
  • BIG EYE – Weighing in at from 45 to 122kgs

The Yellowfin Tuna – The Infamous Fighter of the Cape, The Mighty Yellowfin Tuna, are found off the Southern Cape Coast in South Africa during warmer months. Weather and ocean temperatures determine how good or bad a day out catching Tuna could be and generally are found between 20 – 50 nautical miles off shore.

The Big Eye Tuna – regarded by many as the strongest fighting fish due to the depth in which we catch it being 500 to 1000m of water. It’s name derives from Hawaaii (Ahi) or by its Latin name Thunnus Albacares, found mainly found in pelagic waters of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide and off the Southern Cape coast of South Africa.


You may also be interested to read up about the other major fish species we catch, view our fish species page for more info or read up about the Cape Yellowtail is another popular all year round fish caught in Cape Waters or the Cape Snoek

For more reading, the Wikipedia meaning of Tuna and other information can be found here.

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