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August 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

GOOD DAY ALL With JUNE and JULY behind us and the longest NIGHT/SHORTEST day gone, we look forward to SPRING and of course TUNA TIME We’ve had a good run of  INSHORE GAME FISHING CHARTERS with plenty of YELLOWTAIL, KATONKAL and SLENDER TUNA BUT ALAS the SNOEK still haven’t arrived YET? This is set [...]

A day in the life fishing for Tuna caught on camera with Hooked On Africa

Watch this video footage showing what you can expect on a typical day out deep sea fishing for tuna with Hooked On Africa Fishing Charters. Let the video tell the story. Video edit courtesy of Dale Staples

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16 year old weighing 60kg brings in 79 kg Tuna.

Around 18 months ago, Sasha at the age of 16 weighing then only 60kg, reels in a 79kg tuna. 60kg Sasha reels in a 79kg Tuna at the age of 16 Reeling in a 79kg Tuna at the age of 16 weighing 60 takes some muscle power and mental determination. [...]

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Great fishing weather is on the cards – Book your fishing charter.

After a lashing of winter cold fronts, the harbour has been rather quiet and tourists flock to find the warmth and sun elsewhere. The good news is, great fishing weather is on the cards for the next couple of days into early next week. Very little wind and minimal swell make for perfect fishing [...]

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June 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Well with winter upon us our, deep sea fishing is restricted to inshore game fishing for yellowtail / snoek / katonkal and possibly slender tuna. Currently there are plenty of Yellowtail around from Cape Point to Robben island and in-between even up to the 200m contour line. There are also plenty of Snoek up [...]

Mid winter Longfin Tuna frenzy.

Went out yesterday before this northwester brings in the next winter storm and caught some decent sized longfin tuna. There was a lot of action out there, the fish are still biting. Feedback from our client: "Thank you Sean, it was one of most outstanding, memorable days for me ever. Will definitely be back. [...]

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Yoshi The Rehabilitated Loggerhead Turtle Making Progress

"12 May 2018 Yoshi appears to be enjoying her time along the Angolan coast and has travelled about 200km north since the previous update. This is a straight line distance - she has been zig-zagging a lot along the way. Last week she was approximately 30 kilometres offshore in warm 28°C deep water, but she [...]

May 2018 Captain’s Log – Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters

Good day All So with winter fast approaching and all the tell-tale signs out there, winter birds, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Big Eye and Orca Whales, as well as the decline in the water temperature I think it’s safe to say we have until early/mid-June to enjoy the scraps of this the first part of [...]