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Offshore Fly Fishing

Try your luck at Off Shore Fly Fishing in Cape Town

This is a very challenging aspect of fly fishing and if you are looking for a serious fish this is the place to go. We fish areas like False Bay , Cape Point and Robben Island for Yellowtail and the very aggressive Cape Snoek. The brave venture further offshore to fish the warm currents that sweep past our coast in search of the mighty Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna .A common problem that we encounter out in the deep is that the fish are simply too big to handle on fly , but if it is a record fish that you are looking for come and try these tacklebusters for size.For the smaller fish a ten to twelve weight rod combined with a reel that holds 200m of backing will do. The Tuna however deserves a lot more respect and nothing less than a fourteen weight combined with a really good reel that holds at least 600m of backing will do.Seasons vary from one year to the next , but as a rule all the above species are caught in summer. Cape Snoek however peak during the cold winter months. Have a look at our boats we use for fishing with ample space for fly fishing.

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