Fish Species

Major Fish Species & Fishing Seasons in Cape Town

Tuna Fish

yellowfin tuna fishing charters cape town

Tuna Fish

We fish for 4 types of tuna, the fighter The Yellowfin Tuna from 15 – 100 kgs, The Big Eye reaching in excess from 65 – 122 kgs and the smaller 2, the Longfin Tuna 7 – 30 kgs & Skipjack Tuna 1 – 5 kgs.  

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yellowtail fishing charters cape town

Cape Yellowtail

Fishing for Cape Yellowtail is generally possible all year around in the Cape Waters. 

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snoek fishing charters cape town

Cape Snoek

The Cape Snoek is a long thin Mackerel species found in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. Well known for its razor sharp teeth, the Cape Snoek also makes for a good fun Salt Water Fly Fishing activity.

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We also catch other species of fish such as Reef Fish, Hottentot, Jacopever, Crayfish (In Season Only), Dorado (Maui Maui or Dolphin Fish) – (Seasonal), Marlin (Seasonal).

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