The Captain’s Log October 2019

Well good Day ALL HAVING just landed our FIRST YELLOWFIN TUNA of the 2nd part of this season (26th September 120 pounder)  can confirm it is NOW - TUNA TIME! In addition we are still the HOLDERS of the TUNA Triple Challenge trophy something we have held since 2013 along with an award for [...]

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Winter Fishing Specials

WINTER FISHING CHARTER SPECIALS  JUNE - SEPTEMBER In winter there is limited to no big game fishing to be expected so we offer local game fishing and inshore / reef fishing. View our winter fishing packages available at special discounted fishing charter rates. Contact us to find out more. (subject to where the [...]

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The Captains Log – April 2019 – Large Tuna

Good Day All Well if there was ever a TIME you wanted to join the 100 KG CLUB on one of our TUNA / DEEP SEA / OFFSHORE fishing charters it's NOW! From our very own CATCH RETURNS and PHOTO'S, I can honestly say its YELLOWFIN TUNA TIME! so for those of you wanting a WORLD CLASS [...]

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Fishing trip of a lifetime for our guest from the UK last week

Our client had been watching our website, social media profiles and trip advisor reviews for over a year before deciding to book with us. After landing a few over average sized fish as well as one Yellowfin Tuna of 81,5 kg's. Upon his return home, Mark was kind enough to leave us a fantastic [...]

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The March 2019 Captain’s Log – Tuna Time

Good Day All If there was ever a time to book a DEEP SEA FISHING / OFFSHORE TUNA FISHING trip its NOW! From all the reports and our very own catch returns there are YELLOWFIN from CAPE ST FRANCIS to west of HOUT BAY, so for those of you wanting to test your skill or [...]

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February 2019 Captains Log

Well GOOD DAY ALL With February upon us and the DUST of THE SILLY SEASON now settled, we’re in that INTRIM period of the CALM, before the TUNA STORM. That STORM is already showing signs of what’s to come but should be in FULL SWING by MID MARCH. We currently catching both LONGFIN and [...]

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