Guests Are Catching Yellowfin Tuna & Longfin Tuna

The last couple of days have seen great success in our Tuna Fishing season. We have had a few charters out catching both Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna. The fish are biting and as usual, we know where to find them. Contact us to find out what good fishing days there are in the next [...]

A Whopper of a Big Eye Tuna

We had a good run fishing for tuna this last weekend landing even a whopper of a Big Eye Tuna weighing in at 95kgs. We even caught some Longfin Tuna which have been rather illusive lately. Perhaps all we needed was a week of the pumping South Easter wind to bring them back. Yellowfin [...]

The yellowfin tuna have arrived & hooked are on them

Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters went out to test the waters yesterday. The yellowfin tuna fishing is officially open with Grant bringing in a decent 71 kg Yellowfin Tuna. Get your bookings in, the tuna are here folks!

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16 year old weighing 60kg brings in 79 kg Tuna.

Around 18 months ago, Sasha at the age of 16 weighing then only 60kg, reels in a 79kg tuna. 60kg Sasha reels in a 79kg Tuna at the age of 16 Reeling in a 79kg Tuna at the age of 16 weighing 60 takes some muscle power and mental determination. [...]

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February’s Young Fisherwoman Brings In Yellowfin

Our young lady fisherman guest had great fun bringing in an upsized Yellowfin Tuna with a little help this last week. Plenty of action for our happy guests. The fish are biting. Get your bookings in folks! BOOK A FISHING CHARTER HERE

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