Yesterday’s Longfin Tuna Caught on Fly by Grant Scholtz

Guests enjoyed another great day out fishing with Hooked On Africa yesterday, this time getting lucky with a boat load of Longfin Tuna sadly losing one Yellowfin Tuna. Grant Scholtz shows off his fly fishing skills bringing in longfin on fly. Fly Fishing Rods & Reels used from Stealth Fishing, Airflow line and Vital Game [...]

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Mid winter Longfin Tuna frenzy.

Went out yesterday before this northwester brings in the next winter storm and caught some decent sized longfin tuna. There was a lot of action out there, the fish are still biting. Feedback from our client: "Thank you Sean, it was one of most outstanding, memorable days for me ever. Will definitely be back. [...]

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