News from The Two Ocean’s Aquarium:

Yoshi is steaming ahead with her incredible and record breaking journey, and is a mere 66 kilometers from the coast along Western Australia. So YES, she is officially in Australian waters (their Exclusive Economic Zone), which is a great place to be, as she is well protected over there.

It looks like she is heading towards Point Samson, a small coastal town with fishing as its main industry. It has lovely snorkelling spots with rich biodiversity, and one such area is Honeymoon Cove – which of course made me wonder if there is a possibility that she has indeed come ‘home to nest’ or whether she is after the tasty treats on these amazing reefs.

She has navigated her way along and across the Rowley Shelf, which is a range of beautiful atolls with incredible species diversity.  She happens to be rather close to Mermaid reef as well – and again – which sounds like a lovely place to pass while on Honeymoon (or at least on your way to Honeymoon Cove).

Western Australian conservation and research officials are on standby to meet her and it will be amazing if her satellite tag can be replaced. We have received well over 20 000 messages and according to our very own Oceans and Coasts division of Department of Environmental Affairs, this has been the longest journey in distance and time ever recorded. Trust Yoshi to be the true champ!

She has now travelled 37 000 kilometers since her release in December 2017. She has slowed down a tiny little bit (average speed now at a still very impressive 46km/day) – but I suppose you have to slow down ever so slightly when investigating Honeymoon details (which I suppose starts with finding a partner).

We should know soon-soon whether Yoshi is an Aussie after all, and about to add to the global Loggerhead population.

However, we must remember, that Yoshi has gone coastal a few times before – to feast (probably her greatest passion in life) – but you never know – Honeymoon Cove might inspire another passion in her all together. ”

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