…From a cold wet and WINTERY CAPE TOWN


Hooked On Africa Fishing Charters July 2015 Newsletter


… however the TUNA till last week, are still here and after a week of SOUTH EASTER they should still be around. Good catches of LONGFIN laced with a good sign of BIG EYE as well as a few BLUE FIN have been taken but this could change at any time so best speak to us who will advise accordingly.

The much anticipated SNOEK run never got going and seem to have disappeared but watch this space as it can all change in a flash.

Good catches of YELLOWTAIL have been made depending on day, area and FISH MOOD, but they are around, it’s all timing.

We just got back from our second trip to the TUNA grounds and couldn’t have asked for more BIG-EYE TUNA 70 to 75 kgs as well as SOUTHERN BLUE FIN TUNA of 55 kgs laced with a number of LONGFIN TUNA up to 30kgs and it’s the end of JULY ????

On the PELAGIC BIRDING side, they are all out there with a number of trawlers acting as the collection point for one to view them properly.

We are out again on SATURDAY for an INSHORE CAPE POINT trip which will give us first hand information of whats going on down there.

So to all of you wanting a GREAT FISHING EXPERIENCE get those bookings in as OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER are being filled quickly and as you know weather down here always has the final say…

Captain Yellow Fin-Big-EYE- SOUTHERN BLUE FIN (you get SKIPPERS and then you get skippers)