Welcome to the August Hooked On Africa Fishing Charters Online Newsletter



It’s been a somewhat slow AUGUST with 6 trips in total targeting and catching YELLOWTAIL and looks set to continue through till the end of SEPTEMBER with OCTOBER, NOVEMBER filling up nicely!


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What you can expect from this issue …

  • Elusive Snoek Still Playing Hide & Seek!
  • Keep an eye out for new video footage to be uploaded on our YouTube video channel.
  • Tuna Derby In November – Awesome Prizes up for grabs!
  • Watch out for fly by night “fishing charters”
  • Tuna expected in October… perhaps. We will find them first!
  • Some more great photo’s & footage.

The one species that has eluded us again this year is the SNOEK, something we have become accustomed to but seems to have missed us for the last 2 years HOWEVER it can arrive at any time.

Both of these species are great fun on our light gear including that on fly, so for the next month and a half, that’s what will probably be on offer with us. Watching the OFFSHORE CHARTS very closely to ensure as usual we find the TUNA first.

We are currently downloading some state of the art footage we shot of a well known golfer catching TUNA with us from a drone as well as underwater so keep an eye out it will be posted shortly.

Our very own TUNA DERBY will again be run in NOVEMBER 02-07 with a boat and motors on a trailer up for grabs courtesy of TWO OCEANS MANUFACTURING and ATLANTIC BOAT CLUB, with many more prizes being supplied by all the major tackle stores and boating or fishing suppliers.

It’s at this time of the YEAR I caution those of you wishing to go CHARTER FISHING  is to ensure your operators are PROPER ONES and not seasonal FLY BY NIGHTS who spring up every year at this time with very little knowledge ,cheap prices, sub-standard equipment, no insurance or PUBLIC LIABILITY and dinky toys they call boats which are not SAMSA surveyed for commercial use or members of THE CAPE CHARTER BOAT ASSOCIATION, an organization registered with the department of trade and industry as the official mouth piece for CHARTER OPERATORS. If the price is TOO cheap there’s a reason so always check on a track record. Ours is 17 years old and speaks for itself.

I think realistically we won’t see TUNA till mid OCTOBER but keep in contact as we always know first!

Enjoy the new footage as well as the photo’s and remember SUCCESS comes from CONSISTENCY, one day doesn’t make a SEASON.



Check out some of our recent photo’s below.