Good Day All

Well if there was ever a TIME you wanted to join the 100 KG CLUB on one of our TUNA / DEEP SEA / OFFSHORE fishing charters it’s NOW!

From our very own CATCH RETURNS and PHOTO’S, I can honestly say its YELLOWFIN TUNA TIME! so for those of you wanting a WORLD CLASS experience don’t delay as we don’t have too many open days left till the end of MAY and the WEATHER always has the final say.

The LONGFIN TUNA haven’t really shown themselves yet BUT i’m sure they will and the MARLIN seem to have gone swim-about with not too many reported sightings or hook ups.

On the INSHORE GAME FISHING side things have been quiet in and around our area with reports of very good SNOEK but up near the NAMIBIAN border and some very good YELLOWTAIL off STRUISBAAI.

LOOKING ahead, THE TUNA MASTERS (08th to 13th APRIL) THE OFFSHORE CLASSIC (25th to 5th MAY) and then THE TUNA NATIONALS (06th to 10thMAY).

Remember also we have 3 days of CRAYFISH SEASON (19th to 21st APRIL) which makes for a great GAME FISHING INSHORE EXCURSiON.

So REMEMBER when looking for a CHARTER OPERATOR to take you 30 to 40 nautical miles OFFSHORE, CHECK THEIR credentials, proven track record (trip advisor and face-book reviews) Quality of boats and length of operation, as this will ensure you don’t get taken by the FLY BY KNIGHTS, remembering CHEAPEST in this instance isn’t your best option.


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