Good Day All

I think Spring has sprung early this year and the good news is the longliners further south are doing well on the Yellowfin so let’s hope with some input from Neptune they will arrive early.

Winter’s been amazing! 8 to 12 charters a month, Katonkal a plenty, with good signs of Yellowtail and a few very illusive Snoek.

The upcoming season looks very busy with 2 back to back Tuna competitions. The first is the October Comp from the 25th to 29th of October and the next, our very own Two Oceans Tuna Derby from 7th to 12th of November.

Also in the pipeline is our very own Hooked On Africa International Invitational hosted by Atlantic Boat Club for which we already have interest from more than 20 countries and this I have earmarked for April/May 2017.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect briefly on why we are the Cape’s Number One Operation
We currently lead the Tripple Challenge again after winning it last time. We also won the last leg, taking 1st and the Calcutta.

We were top boat in The Gordons Bay Offshore Classic and managed 3rd and 5th biggest fish overall. We took 5th biggest Longfin

We caught what could be the biggest Marlin in the last 10 years in the Cape with us hooking 4 more during February 2016.

We currently have a very full order book for October, November and December which is a testament to our success.

We are currently featured on National Geographic Channel and The Discovery Channel and we’ve just completed a story with River Monsters coming in SPRING 2017.

So if you’re looking for a Quality experience onboard one of our Comfortable boats, properly appointed for local conditions with good quality tackle and state of the art navigation equipment then you’ve found the right team with a track record of more than 20 years to make your dreams a reality. We probably won’t see Tuna till Mid October.

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