So part of Hooked On Africa’s success is based on its tried and tested trolling pattern. Halco over the last 20 years of Charter Fishing have become a very important part in honing our techniques and tackle. Their spinners, jigs and new deep divers have produced even equally good results.

With all our local tackle shops in Cape Town well stocked with a full range of Halco lures and Tuckers Tackle always having what I want, here is some great advice.

No pattern of mine is without the Lazer Pro 190 Pilchard or Springbok backed up by the tried and tested Yellowfin or new Orange and Silver Machine deadly in green water that brings results.

Halco’s full range of Outcast Spinners and Rooster Poppers have really produced the goods this winter with some fine Yellowtail and notable Snoek(see River Monsters spring 2017. Yes, THE River Monsters with Jeremy Wade!!).

Keep a keen eye out for their new Max 190’s.

Watch this space for even bigger results!


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