Well Good Day All

May is upon us and TUNA SEASON is in FULL SWING, with a very good sign of LONGFIN (not BITING) YELLOWFIN a plenty, BIG EYE and BLUE FIN out there in their numbers, mostly of a very good size.

This should continue after this unseasonal weather providing those WINTER cold fronts don’t mess it all up till the end of MAY and if lucky enough on to MID JUNE.

We still have a very good order book so for those wanting a WORLD CLASS experience get those bookings in sooner than later.

Our Pelagic Birding Trips have again yielded GREAT results through TREVOR HARDAKER of ZEST FOR BIRDS well known and renowned GUIDE resulting in amongst others sightings of NORTHERN and SOUTHERN ROYAL ALBATROS, JUVENILE SALVINS ALBATROS and both NORTHERN and SOUTHERN GAINT PETRELS. Now with the onset of WINTER all the WINTER BIRDS are starting to arrive in their numbers so for any bookings contact Trevor at Zest for Birds.

On the INSHORE/ GAME FISHING side it’s been very slow not much to report other than very big SNOEK up the west coast but far and very little if any YELLOWTAIL at CAPE POINT or ROBBEN ISLAND but this should change shortly.

Our WINTER SPECIALS start in JUNE through till end SEPTEMBER and although we had secured a number of bookings for the LIONS TOUR, it seems due to all the COVID RESTRICTIONS and protocols when they return, it’s not going to get off the ground or certainly have NO BARMY ARMY.////

We again in collaboration with THE TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM and its group of dedicated TURTLE rehabilitators have managed to release a number of little HAWKS BILL, LEATHER BACKS and GREEN Turtles back into the ocean after being rescued, rehabilitated and released.

Well enjoy the PICTURES and remember talk to the experts if you want to go fishing there are too many out there with all the gear and ABSOLUTELY NO idea.////