Well Good Day All

With our TUNA SEASON in FULL SWING, the HOSTING of Our Mini TUNA MASTERS being a huge success and a FULL order book, you have from now till the end of MAY to enjoy this seasonal phenomena known as TUNA TIME!

The Fish are of varying sizes from 15kgs to 100kgs and everything in between on POPPERS, STICK BAIT, BAIT or just trolling.

This should continue and even improve as we haven’t seen the big schools of LONGFIN or even those elusive BLUE FIN.

On the INSHORE side YELLOWTAIL have been scarce but the ATLANTIC BONITO and SKIPJACK have made up for their lack of appearance and kept us busy for those HALF DAY INSHORE CHARTERS on the LIGHT TACKLE.

Our Pelagic Birding Charters have yielded great results thanks to TREVOR from ZEST FOR BIRDS for his ongoing support and never ending knowledge about these awesome creatures so for anyone interested in doing a trip please contact him as he has secured 40 trips with us this year.

As I’ve said our TUNA should run through till end MAY maybe, due to its late arrival into JUNE, when our WINTER SPECIALS start and run through till end SEPTEMBER (see the link)

Our Ongoing partnership with the TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM and in particular the TURTLE rehabilitation section has continued with regular releases of a number of small turtles LOGGERHEADS, GREEN and even HAWKS BILL back into their natural environment so for those of you wishing to support please contact them at https://www.aquarium.co.za

So if your looking for a WORLD CLASS CHARTER EXPERIENCE look no further as our time on the water and track record says it all

Enjoy the photo’s