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Just a quick update on our traveling turtles.

Yoshi is still on her way DOWN the coast of Namibia and about 194 kilometers NW of Walvisbay! She is 23 kilometers west of where she was at the end of February. She has traveled more than 6600 kilometers, with a daily average now at 26km/day over 258 days.

Even though her average speed is slowing down a little bit, she is really going strong as she tends to swim against the currents and at the moment against a very strong SE wind and still making really good headway.

Since her release she has logged 1 576 satellite passes and transmitted over 8 000 positions.

From Cape Town, through Namibia, to Angola and back down past Namibia – what a journey. At her current pace she might be back in South African waters by November.

Yoshi’s Journey

Pemba is about 647 kilometers south of Yoshi at the moment, and 380 kilometers west of Luderitz.

She has made such good use of the currents and traveled an impressive 836 kilometers over the last month.

Pemba and Yoshi might very well swim past each other within the next 2 weeks.

Pemba’s oceanic travels and loops.

Yoshi’s northerly journey in green and her turn around and southerly travels in yellow. Pemba’s journey in red.

These satellite tags are just amazing. A combined 434 days of transmission data from 2 incredible turtle journeys.

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Two Oceans Aquarium. ”