With February upon us and the DUST of THE SILLY SEASON now settled, we’re in that INTRIM period of the CALM, before the TUNA STORM.

That STORM is already showing signs of what’s to come but should be in FULL SWING by MID MARCH.

We currently catching both LONGFIN and SMALL YELLOWFIN TUNA with the odd BIG ONE in between during our TUNA / OFFSHORE / DEEP SEA FISHING excursions which must be FULL DAYS and NO shared or mixed charters (PRIVATE ONLY)

Make sure you choose an operator who firstly is QUALIFIED (STCW / COMMERCIALLY endorsement skippers tickets) who have their own boats rather than through BOOKING AGENTS. With a proven track record like ours (see face-book and trip adviser reviews), winners of THE TUNA CHASE 2018 and been operating for more than 30 years.

Remember TUNA MASTERS 08 to 13 APRIL 2019 which is PRIME TUNA TIME as we still have a boat or 2 available.

On the INSHORE / GAME FISHING side we’ve had a great run of SNOEK, YELLOWTAIL, SKIPJACK and ATLANTIC BONITO making for a great MORNINGS FISHING either at CAPE POINT, CURRENT LINE or ROBBEN ISLAND depending on weather.

We currently running TWO MARLIN COMPETITIONS , with yesterday producing the FIRST RELEASE this season, so it looks like it’s just started as 3 were raised.

So your options are endless and we can tailor make an excursion to suit your needs.

Also to remember the ROCK LOBSTER season still open  from 19th to 21st of APRIL also makes for a great mornings FISHING and delicious brunch.

Enjoy the photo’s and remember for all THE LATEST FISHING ACTION go to our website’s & busy Facebook pages. Like, follow and share them here -> Hooked on Africa / Deep-Sea-Fishing / Tuna Masters