Well the end of SEPTEMBER proved to be a LONGFIN FEAST, nice big fish all 20 to 30kgs then early OCTOBER produced some world class YELLOWFIN TUNA biggest from us 102 kgs however since then it’s been very erratic and very slow.

The main reason being the UNFAVOURABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS being experienced from GALES out of the EAST to GALES out of the NORTH WEST and all the switches in between, resulting in very green water with lots of current.

We did get a FLASH in THE PAN of CAPE SNOEK for a very brief 2 days but just as quickly as it arrived it disappeared again.

The Yellowtail have also been in hiding but again as a result of the weather patterns causing the water to drop below 10 deg C.

We are currently in the middle of our TWO OCEANS TUNA DERBY but have been blown out the entire first week resulting in a role over to the week 13th till 16th with what looks like a weather window.

The long awaited CRAYFISHING SEASON has been announced giving us a total of 12 days starting 15th/16th DECEMBER, then 22nd/23rd DECEMBER, then 26th DECEMBER, then 29th till 1stJANUARY and then Easter 19th to 21st APRIL .

As always we have a very full order book and with the weather opening up for us I’m sure we will find those elusive TUNA all we need now is some calm weather.

We have 2 of the TOP CHARTER BOATS in HOUT BAY one being 32 foot EXTRAVAGENCE, the other 35 foot OCEAN WARRIOR both owned and operated by YOURS TRULY with our ever increasing TRACK RECORD that speaks for itself and for the FULL FLEET go to where the NEW 44 footer will be displayed shortly.

So looking ahead things can ONLY improve as were in PRIME TUNA TIME now, right through till end JANUARY providing water doesn’t get too warm but when it do’s we target those BILL FISH (MARLIN) we have become accustomed to catching from JANUARY through till end MARCH.

Enjoy the photo’s and remember for all the latest action go to our FACE BOOK pages and linked web-sites