Well Good DAY ALL

With DECEMBER upon us and FISH A-PLENTY, A FULL order book currently and JANUARY looking even better, I thought it time to update all of you on what’s been happening and what to expect.

On the OFFSHORE SIDE it’s been a TUNA FEST with LONGFIN, YELLOWFIN and even the odd BIG EYE and on the INSHORE SIDE it’s been a GAME FISHING FEST with YELLOWTAIL, KATONKAL and even SNOEK  so for those of you wanting a WORLD class experience from a tried and tested operator LOOK NO FURTHER.

The long awaited CRAYFISH SEASON starts on 15th/16th of DECEMBER, and only gives us 12 days TOTAL, so for those of you wanting to mix it up together with an INSHORE trip it allows for an added bonus.

This has been the best LONGFIN SEASON for years and judging by our catch’s  over the past 7 days the YELLOWFIN are here in good numbers so contact us and we will turn your BIG FISH dreams into REALITY.

We saw 2 BIG MARLIN on MONDAY so they are around as well and we will start to target them once the TUNA get a bit quieter. (JANUARY to end MARCH)

We have 2 of the TOP CHARTER BOATS in HOUT BAY with plenty more for those BIG CORPORATE EVENTS just look at our TRACK RECORD ( TRIP ADVISER or FACE-BOOK REVIEWS)

We cater for 1 to 10 anglers but remember QUALITY comes at a price so if your shopping around make sure you check on the credentials of the operators as CHEAPEST is NEVER your best option, especially during the silly season.

Anyway check our FACEBOOK page and linked web-sites for all the latest action as we ALWAYS KNOW FIRST.