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HAVING just returned from a fantastic 2 weeks in MOZAMBIQUE it’s hard to believe that as I return so do the TUNA.

Good catches of LONGFIN, YELLOWFIN,BLUEFIN and even the odd BIG-EYE have been taken so although a bit early the BIG FISH are back.

Our program is already quiet full from the later part of OCTOBER then into our very own TWO OCEANS TUNA DERBY promising to be one of the best ever from the 2nd till the 7th of NOVEMBER and then into a few weeks of solid bookings.

We have PELAGIC BIRDING trips as well as a host of FISHING trips so we will certainly be in step with what’s going on.

On the INSHORE GAME FISHING side I’m sure the YELLOWTAIL will continue and the SNOEK will make periodic returns but we also should get our CRAYFISH season back from the 15th of NOVEMBER providing our FISHERIES DEPT get their act together?

So the season looks set for a CRACKER providing the weather, KING NEPTUNE and all the other factors play the game but as always, we are ahead of the growing pack.

Speaking of the pack, at this time of the year we always get the FLY BY NIGHTS jumping on the band wagon to make a quick buck with no regard for you the client, SO if it’s TOO cheap there must be a catch or they skimping on something so BE VERY CAREFUL our track record has 17 years of experience and speaks for itself.

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Check out some of our recent photo’s below.