Well Good Day All

From Screaming Reels to High Fives, we have probably had one of the most PHENOMINAL RUNS of BIG TUNA I have seen in 30 years of operation!

I said it at the beginning of APRIL, if you wanted to break or make the 100 club now was the time, but never expected it to be so good with BIG EYE of 153 kgs, Southern BLUE FIN of 116 kgs and YELLOWFIN in and around the 100 kg mark.

Although the LONGFIN have been sporadic, some very big fish have been landed and judging from reports further south ALL LOOKS SET TO CONTINUE as we haven’t really seen them in large numbers YET.

The Tuna Masters was well attended and good catches were had by all with team ENGLAND taking top honours followed by USA and the TURKEY.

We had 20 boats fish and at the end of the day 3 good sea days, good fishing and very enjoyable so make a note for next year as we want to grow this tournament.

On the Inshore side the SNOEK are still up the west coast and the YELLOWTAIL have been scarce, not that we’ve really been looking for them as the TUNA have kept us busy.

We managed to get a drone up during all the action so watch this space once it’s been edited but the footage should be awesome.

The TUNA NATIONALS is about to get underway and although a small event, I’m sure these top class anglers will produce some quality fish.

Looking ahead MAY should give us much of the same and hopefully into JUNE with then our WINTER species SNOEK, YELLOWTAIL and ATLANTIC BONITO being the order of the day from JULY till END SEPTEMBER.

Enjoy the photo’s and remember to check on the track record of the CHARTER OPERATORS when shopping around as with this adventure activity PRICE MATTERS.