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Well Good Day All

From a Blustery Hout Bay during Mid March

Fishing was on fire till the 6th of January after which GALE FORCE EASTERLIES and South Easterlies put hold to any fishing till February.  Since then we have managed 4 MARLIN hook ups (1 release, 1 died and 2 JUMPED off) after an amazing display of their athletic ability.

The one that died after a 3 hour fight, weighed in at 638 Lbs.  I think one of the biggest for many years.

The Tuna have been somewhat” SCRATCHY” over the last month and a half with GREAT catch’s one day and not so good the next HOWEVER signs further south are improving so watch the next few months produce some QUALITY FISH.

On the INSHORE front it’s been somewhat quiet with the odd YELLOWTAIL, flash in the pan SNOEK and a few DORADO.

Easter week-end will again allow us to catch CRAYFISH for 4 days only so if this is what your after with a bit of YELLOWTAIL get your bookings in timorously.

There seems to be a perception that running an UPMARKET CHARTER BUZINESS is easy as there are now a host of FLY BY NIGHTS wanting to break into this market. I caution those of you making bookings to check the credentials of these individuals with no track record, wrong qualifications and purely in it for a quick buck, as there are only a handful of us who are certified to run these excursions.

Anyway HOOKED ON AFRICA’S track record speaks for itself, we go back in excess of 20 years as an operator with a proven track record, so if you’re after a CORPORATE DAY OUT, a social with a few mates, some sort of celebration, LOOK NO further, we can deliver whatever your after with PASSION and SUCCESS.

We would again like to THANK our BRAND AMBASSADORS, STEALTH FISHING, SMITH OPTICS, QUIVER, TUCKERS TACKLE, HALCO LURES and VITLA Game fish Flies for their ongoing support during 2016.

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We have put together an array of pics that are testament to our success.