Good Day All!

Spring has sprung, October is gone and November is upon us.

October has produced mixed fortunes with some days producing quality fish and others, a handful of Longfin but all of a good size, around 15 to 20kg. Great fun on the spinning gear!
It’s only going to improve as the water currently is blue but cold 16.5 to 17 degrees with the warmer water a long way off. A few days of South Easter and we’ll be in the Jam!

October also had The October Comp, an open class 37kg event which produced some awesome fish and plenty of Yellowfin. We led on Day One for a while with a fish of 79.5 kg. Unfortunately we were beaten by another ABC member with a fish of 90 kgs and we ended with the 5th largest fish.

There are plenty of fish in the 40 to 60 kg class so it looks like a Yellowfin Bonanza season at this stage, with a one week break between this one and our very own prestigious Two Oceans Tuna Derby. First prize is out of this world, a boat is up for grabs for the biggest fish landed!

The inshore game fishing has produced mixed fortunes with a sudden rush of Snoek this week as well as plenty of Yellowtail at the point and plenty of those Kats Uncles to keep you busy!

The crayfish season has again been cut to shreds by the Department of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries as a result of increased pressure from unsustainable harvesting. This year, ther are only a total of 14 days for us to enjoy this Cape Tradition and at this stage we still don’t know the dates.

So if its half day or full day, with catch rates in the high 90’s through a quality operation, boats tailor-made for our conditions.  All with toilets onboard, all with the latest navigation equipment run by properly qualified professionals, all with up to date STCW and commercially endorsed tickets. We have passenger liability insurance and an outstanding 20 years of experience. Our track record speaks for itself , not something you’ll find elsewhere.

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