COMPLIMENTS of the SEASON, may 2021 be FISH FILLED//////

Due to this PANDEMIC 2020 has been a CHARTER DISASTER with LOCKDOWN LEVELS not allowing FOREIGNERS into the country since JANUARY last year, and as a result of this, all our corporate and individual clientele have pulled up the handbrake and sitting this disaster out trying to keep their heads above water.

Having said that ,we had one of the VERY BEST TUNA seasons running well into AUGUST resulting in those of us qualified as CAPTAINS and DECKHANDS to jump onboard our COMMERCIAL counterparts vessels, all having  the necessary STCW 95 qualifications, so thanks to ALBATROS, TARRYNAMY, TAMARA for the opportunity and keeping us active.

Since then it’s been a long hard SLOG with the TUNA out of our range of our operation only allowing for very little reward and mostly YELLOWTAIL once one finds something floating in the deep and that includes TURTLES which seem to be carrying lots of YELLOWTAIL.

So Looking ahead we still have a few week-ends of CRAYFISHING left (9th and 10th JAN and 2nd and 3rd of APRIL), we hope the TUNA make a welcome return into our area of operation, we certainly hope the YELLOWTAIL return to the CAPE POINT area and NEPTUNE willing hope to see SNOEK in the JUNGLE soon.

We have a FULL order book for our PELAGIC BIRDING CHARTERS thanks to TREVOR of ZEST for BIRDS so for those of you wanting a world class pelagic birding experience give them a shout.

Also not to forget OUR MARLIN SEASON starts now through till end MARCH even into APRIL so there’s an opportunity for a BILLFISH or 2 while competing in this year’s MARLIN CHALLENGE.

We are also about to do another TURTLE RELEASE for THE TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM  so watch this space and all our social media platforms as this is a very worthy cause these all being RESCUED, REHABILITATED and RELEASED by us also if any of you are on our FACEBOOK check out CHRIS and JOE from TAMARA releasing what would have resulted in certain death of a GREEN TURTLE properly entangled in a FISHING NET well done boys/////

Well things can only improve, so let’s hope sooner rather than later, BUT as always we will be first to know what’s happening out there so keep yourselves tuned into our platforms to keep you updated and still going strong after 40 years in operation////

The Charter Guru

Captain TUNA