COMPLIMENTS of the season to all our CUSTOMERS, SPONSORS and REGULAR CLIENTS, may it be a very prosperous 2020.

With the SILLY SEASON behind us and the CHAOS caused by the WEATHER between the 23rd December and the 2nd January, things have calmed to a mild panic with TUNA still around. The odd MARLIN hooked, released or seen in the spread, it’s safe to say the BIG GAME season isn’t over yet and in fact judging by reports from our commercial counterparts, it’s FULL UP further north so with a swing in the wind it could be here very soon.

On the INSHORE GAME FISHING it’s been slow with NO SNOEK a few YELLOWTAIL and of course our quota in crayfish.

This Pattern should continue with TUNA remaining slow till mid to end MARCH and APRIL and MAY PRIME TIME remembering that we host TUNA MASTERS CAPE TOWN from 21st till 25th of APRIL 2020 and already have a number of boats booked both LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL.

The GAME FISHING should improve with target species being YELLOWTAIL, ATLANTIC BONITO and SKIPJACK when they arrive with the odd REEF FISHING excursion just to wet the appetite.

For those keen birders, Hooked On Africa offers pelagic birding trips out into the deep. We offer guests the opportunity to find their favourite pelagic feathered friends, take a few snaps and tick some boxes on their 2020 birding checklist.

So once again don’t forget to book with PROFFESSIONALS not the FLY-BY-KNIGHTS as cheapest never ends well in this instance.

Please enjoy the PHOTO,s which are testament to our ongoing success TALK is CHEAP but PICTURES of YOUR OWN CATCHES buys the WHISKEY.


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