Well Good Day All

With JANUARY behind us and the second wave of the PANDEMIC stable and decreasing there’s no better place to be than out on the water with the CAPES number one fishing charter operation putting you into whatever’s biting over that period and NOT promising unrealistic species as a result of current weather and seasonal expectations, so make sure you check the credentials of all concerned as some have all the gear and no idea.

Following on from our JANUARY update, the TURTLE release was a great success and judging from a week’s tracking update Luis and Annie are on the move.( see latest update)

We got in one of our PELAGIC BIRDING trips for the new year, the first of many, and managed to scratch up a few birds required for the ongoing BIRD SPECIECS CHASE thanks to Trevor Hardaker from ZEST FOR BIRDS.

On the FISHING front Yellowtail, Atlantic Bonito, Skipjack Tuna and Small Long Fin Tuna on the 200m current line,  at CAPE POINT and at ROBBEN ISLAND, so for a HALF DAY GAME FISHING excursion that’s what’s on offer currently.

On the OFFSHORE/ DEEP SEA FISHING trips its PRIME MARLIN time, something we’ve managed to JAM  over the last 5 years ranging from 688lbs to 300lbs so together with some smaller YELLOWFIN TUNA and SKIP JACK (marlin biscuits) is what’s on offer till  MID MARCH when our proper season should hit its straps.

We have 2 days left of our reduced CRAYFISH season 2nd/3rd of APRIL providing the weather plays ball.

So looking ahead we hope with some sustained weather the TUNA (yellow fin ,long fin and big eye) make a welcome return and that the YELLOWTAIL return in the numbers we’ve become accustom to, together with our PELAGIC BIRDING trips should keep us nice and busy till end MAY.

As always keep checking our social media platforms as we always know what’s going on.

Your Charter Captain