Well Good Day All

It’s the end of a very frustrating year starting with LOCKDOWNS and now LOCKOUTS as the rest of the world sees fit to suspend flights to SOUTH AFRICA, why i don’t know as they have more cases of COVID than we do yet see fit to put us onto RED LISTS.

Our TUNA SEASON is in full swing with some very good catches’ over the last few weeks in and around GALES and rough seas.

Because they have arrived late I see no reason why it shouldn’t continue into JANUARY as the water temperatures are still very low for this time of year.

So with many cancellations, we have the capacity for those locked in and for those wanting BIG FISH.

We still have a few days of our depleted CRAYFISH SEASON 16th December till 19th December and 31st December till 2nd of JANUARY.

The INSHORE GAME FISHING was very good with really good catches’ of SNOEK and YELLOWTAIL but the GALE-FORCE winds of last week changed all that and turned the water ice cold.

Our PELAGIC BIRDING TRIPS have yielded VERY GOOD results with the confirmation of a TRISTAN ALBATROS on a ZEST FOR BIRDS PELAGIC trip now confirmed by all the INTERNATIONAL experts so thanks to TREVOR for all the support this year and a FULL order book for next and for those wanting to get on-board please contact TREVOR of ZEST FOR BIRDS.

We are also about to embark on another TURTLE RELEASE for the TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM and that will take place once we can find 20 deg of water so as to give these RESCUED, REHABILITATED and finally RELEASED giving them all a 2nd chance of life///

So if it’s a great day on the water your after look no further and enjoy the photo’s always testament to our success.

The Captain

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