Well Good Day all

With COVID-19 and LOCKDOWN putting all CHARTER FISHING on hold since MARCH to date, its sometimes good to look back at what’s  been achieved by HOOKED ON AFRICA FISHING CHARTERS with a track record in excess of 30 years.

We have ENTERTAINED Kings, Queens, Princes, Foreign Travellers’, Corporate Clients, Fishing Fanatics and just your good old local family who want to tick the box on their Bucket List of what to do.

So For the next 3 months with the possible exception of mid to late SEPTEMBER, (maybe tuna arrive early) our WINTER SPECIALS, REEF FISHING or PELAGIC BIRDING TRIPS will be the order of the day.

These can be 3 HOUR, HALF DAY or FULL DAY TRIPS depending on your budget or appetite.

Species you can expect are: 
YELLOWTAIL (pound for pound fights outside its weight category and great eating)
ATLANTIC BONITO (aggressive little beast full of teeth and great fun on light tackle)
CAPE SNOEK (when around found in large numbers full of fight but beware of those teeth you don’t stop bleeding)
SLENDER TUNA (usually found in amongst the SNOEK great fun on light tackle) then on the REEF FISHING side CAPE BREAM (plenty of fun, bite all the time mostly small with the bigger ones underneath, edible but full of bones)
JACUPEVA (preastoric looking goggle eyed rock cod full of spines but good eating)
GURNARD (another weird looking fish with beautiful coloured fins also good eating) and then the occasional shark just to spice things up, all of whom are released safely back into the water.

Together with these excursions we try and include as much ECO activity as time allows SEALS, DOLPHINS, WHALES, PEGUINS and SUNFISH and anything else we may encounter such as TURTLES.

So for Dads and Lads, Moms and Daughters, Family fun outing or to tick your bucket list we are available 7 days a week subject to weather of course with all trips being catered and everything supplied tailor made to suit your needs and budget.

Your Charter Captain

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