Good day All

So with winter fast approaching and all the tell-tale signs out there, winter birds, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Big Eye and Orca Whales, as well as the decline in the water temperature I think it’s safe to say we have until early/mid-June to enjoy the scraps of this the first part of this somewhat erratic 2018 tuna season.

It’s been challenging at times with really good days and then really slow days, with very little change in weather patterns, so it’s been hard to read, yet we have delivered the goods!

We have had a full schedule with boats from our selected fleet out regularly on every good weather day and yielding good catches of Tuna, Yellowtail, Skipjack and Bronze Bream, results you have become accustomed to from Hooked On Africa Fishing Charters.

The Yellowtail have been good at Cape Point as well as on the current line, but keep an eye on Robben Island as winter approaches, as that’s our next few month’s “port of call”.

Also in the wings is our long awaited Snoek Season! The snoek are currently up the west coast in very large numbers and seem content to stay there, but should turn up here soon.

The next 4 months from June to September should yield winter species like Snoek/ Yellowtail/Katonkal and reef species Bronze Bream.

Also to remember is this is Good Pelagic Birding time with all the winter birds here in full force.

While the Tuna continue to bite we will stay on it but that could all change in a flash with a barrage of cold fronts.

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